Fighting the Elements

Fighting the Elements

Ah, winter. It’s such a wonderful time of the year.

Amongst all the madness of NYE party plans and the Christmas food shop – there’s one important daily activity that just somehow seems to go out of the window; Your skincare regime.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. This season just seems to take it out of us. We’re so busy rushing around we forget to keep hydrated, eat regular meals, take our vitamins, and doesn’t our skin show it! Dark circles, dry uneven skin and perhaps even a few spots have come to greet us into the new year.

Never fear – your new skincare regime is here… or something like that. Basically, I’m here to share my tips, tricks, and some of my all-time favorite products to combat your dehydrated winter skin.


Step one: Cleanser

There are so many different cleansers on the market. Balms, Oils, Milk, Pads – it can be quite confusing, right? Which cleanser you chose depends on your skin type as well as your preference.

If you are suffering from dry, lackluster skin, I would recommend something that is not only going to deep cleanse the impurities out of your pores, but also add some hydration back in to your skin.

Embyolisse Foaming Cleanser.

Wonderfully light and gentle, but lathers and removes makeup.  It is like a treat for your skin. It also doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry, which is something I am particularly wary of with cleansers.  I like to use this in the shower every morning and last thing at night.

Super Facialist Vitamin C Oil Cleanser

A light cleansing oil that smells like oranges.  It is absolutely incredible if you’ve got some time to give your face a thorough massage. I like to use this while sitting in front of the TV and to spend anywhere between 10 – 30 mins massaging the skin on my face to improve blood flow. If you are unsure how to massage your skin correctly, I would recommend watching Lisa Eldridge’s YouTube channel tutorial talking specifically about this topic. She is very insightful and accurate – because let’s be honest - anything that Lisa doesn’t know about the beauty world just isn’t worth knowing.

After washing this product on, you’re left with a glow that looks like you’ve actually been taking your vitamins and staying hydrated.

Step Two: Toner

For a very long time I didn’t understand the importance of a toner and never used one. Now I really understand just how important this step is. A swipe of toner once a day can help to restore your skins natural PH balance, which can prevent your skin producing excess oil. It also helps to shrink and close your pores, which not only hides the appearance of pores, but also helps to protects your skin against impurities and pollutants.

Basically – don’t skip this part!

Liz Earl Instant Boost Skin Tonic

An incredibly popular toner in the UK – and here’s why… Not only does it include a lot of incredible ingredients such as: camomile, cucumber, and Vitamin E which hydrate and smooth, but it also has a wonderful mix of pure essential oils. The lavender, rose and orange oils create a refreshing and revitalising scent. Notice the glow to your skin after you’ve run a soaked cotton pad over your skin; there’s nothing quite like it.

Step Four: Eye Cream

I remember the days before dark circles and crow’s feet, such wonderful times. Now when I wake up my first though after coffee is ‘concealer – QUICK!’  Unfortunately, there’s no magic product you can use to make dark circles disappear but we can treat the skin around our eyes with products that brighten and add hydration.

Embyrolisse Anti-Aging – Smoothing Eye Contour Care

I’ve been loving this eye cream recently. It contains beautiful ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A & E, and natural plant ingredients such as sesame and cornflower. Specifically formulated to target wrinkles, circles and bags. Win, win, win!

Fun Fact: Eye-cream can also be used on the lips, because the skin on our lips is very similar to the delicate skin around our eyes.

Step Five: Moisturiser

A must for winter skin. The central heating, cold air and lack of sun always makes my skin dry, so I like to use something really thick and deeply hydrating during this season.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream

If you have dry skin, or you’re in need of some TLC, this is the moisturiser for you. Insanely hydrating, and it creates a plump and bouncy base for makeup application. It must be magic! Or perhaps it is just the incredible ingredients: Vitamin C & E, Hyaluronic Acid, Rosehip Oil, Shea Butter – and so many more. Even the packaging is ‘vanity station’ quality, you won’t be embarrassed having this out on the side when your ‘product snob’ friends come to visit!

For my oily skin guys and gals, I know it seems like it would be worth you skipping moisturiser. “I don’t need moisturiser because my skin is already oily as it is!,” I hear you cry – on the contrary!
If you have oily skin and do not moisturise, your skin is going to work overtime and produce even more oil. So, even though it doesn’t make sense - don’t skip moisturizer if you have oily skin. However, you are going to want something slightly lighter.

Step in…
Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentre

An all-time favourite of makeup artists globally, I am never without this in my kit. It is fantastically versatile and great for oily skin as it’s not too thick. You can use this product as a primer, as well as a moisturizer and makeup remover - so it’s really great value for money.

Step Six: Lip Care

Is there anything worse than dry cracked lips? I hate that the winter season just seems to make my lips shrivel up like a prune. That was until I started to use this product.


My absolute holy grail for my makeup kit, as well as my handbag. Lather it on the night before and wake up with wonderfully smooth and healed lips. I recommend this product to my brides to use the night before - and even the run-up to their weddings to prepare their lips for wearing a matte lipstick all day.

Additional ‘Skin Boosting’ Extras


Let it be known to all, I am addicted to a mask. Mud masks, exfoliating masks, eye masks - you name it – I’ve tried it. What better way to treat tired party skin with a wonderfully hydrating and cooling sheet mask? Here are a few I absolutely swear by.

Garnier Sheet Mask’s

I am never without one of these in my Beauty cabinet. I like to use one of these right before bed, the night before an event, or hungover Sunday’s! They feel like you have had a literal hydration boost. I recommend these to my brides the night before their weddings. The hyaluronic acid serum in the mask helps to deeply hydrate the skin, and you wake up the next morning with plump and glowing skin.

Too Cool For School Coconut Oil Serum Eye Patches

I love these patches. Unlike many other eye patches, they are quite big, so they cover a larger surface area. I’ve noticed they really add a natural highlight at the top of my cheekbone. Also, they smell like coconut, which leaves me dreaming of summer.

Ah, summer… come back soon. I think it’s clear by the need for this article that we all need some Vitamin D...




By International Makeup Artist Suzie Gee 

Follow me on Instagram where I document my life as a makeup artist in Fashion, Film, TV, Beauty and Bridal. I also make regular makeup/ skincare IGTV’s and reviews on products. Come and join the IG fam! @suziegeemua




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